Dear Brothers,

I am happy to announce the opening of our new site for West Virginia Phi Sig,

We have uploaded a master list of fraternity members that I obtained from National, but the list is lacking in many areas; most importantly of which is accurate and correct email addresses for all the Brothers. As you might expect, many of those passed away never had or heard of email and others have not kept National advised.

I have created this site to help us stay in touch and we will still need revisions and updates as we go along. Hopefully many of us will use it for group discussions, updates and conversations to help keep us all connected. We will also work to have the yearly Group Composite pictures posted as well as pledge class groups etc.

This process will take time and help from all of us. Please be patient as we begin this process of going online and you update your information etc.

To access and use the site:

  1. You will first need to create a password for your account.
    You may do that at Once there, click on “Lost Your Password?”
    Enter your email address (it must be the email we have on record) – and be sure to whitelist to prevent a spam blocker from preventing delivery.

    Follow the instructions in the email you receive.
  2. Your email address is your username. Once you have reset your password and have logged into the site, you should view your profile and edit/change any information that is inaccurate. You may also select what data may be publicly viewed or elect to make some or all data private. We also encourage you to upload a profile photo in this area.
  3. After that, we encourage you to look around, and make some connections! The system had some trouble with some dates in the master spreadsheet, so graduation dates, initiation dates and birthdays should be checked carefully. You will also be able to search for members, set up groups both public and private, send and receive messages, all in a format reserved strictly for Phi Sig Delta members.

One other note: We only had email addresses for a limited number of members. You should reach out to your Phi Sig brothers to make sure they are aware this site is active. If they need access and have not received this message, have them email me at They may also go here to update their own record with a current email address.

Thanks and Fraternally,

Alex Lancaster
Class of ’68 and ‘71

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